Paradoks Rindu

Kadang Desember mengalami hal aneh. Ketika suatu momen telah berakhir dengan seseorang, kita mengenangnya, seakan ingin berjumpa lagi. Miss u guys, tulisnya di Instagram. Lengkap dengan emotikon titik dua kurung buka, menandakan kesedihannya ketika telah berpisah… dan keinginannya untuk mengulang lagi momen-momen bersama temannya. Ada rasa yang menyesak disitu. Perasaan yang membuncah tak sabar bertemu … More Paradoks Rindu

Medical Malpractice : A Communication Problem

Human is social creatures. It is reflected by their social contact, which is connected by their communication. Every activity in human life is influenced by communication skill such as business, education, and the other field, especially in medicine. Patient as client, have to send a message to doctor for explain their feeling or sensation. Doctor … More Medical Malpractice : A Communication Problem

Education System : Indonesia vs Germany

Education is the largest sector which has role to build a developed country. To reach the aim, government has a tool which is named education system. One of well-known developed country who has special characteristic in education system is Germany. This text will try to compare educational system between Indonesia and Germany. Firstly, every country, … More Education System : Indonesia vs Germany

Education Institution Based on Business Necessity

Education is one of basic needs of human life. As another needs like foods, clothes and houses, it spends much money. Nowadays, people take a formal education for their step to reach a higher achievement. It has become a life style to get an expensive international school or to enter a favourite university. This opportunity … More Education Institution Based on Business Necessity

The Impact of Political Globalization

Globalization has changed everything in life. In political field, it is bring big influence to political condition in the world. Globalization makes politic growing into conglomeration system both developed country and developing country. In Indonesia, society demand influences the government to build transparency, freedom, and democracy. This text will be explain about political globalization impact … More The Impact of Political Globalization

Semarang’s Traditional Food : TAHU GIMBAL

Indonesia is a complex country that inhabited by multi-ethnic citizens. They are have many culture as a heritage, which transmitted from generation to generation. They are form as values, clothes, traditional foods, attitudes, languages, and others. Semarang, as a multi-cultural city in Central Java, has many traditional foods such as wingko babat, bandeng presto, lumpia, … More Semarang’s Traditional Food : TAHU GIMBAL